The Java-Programm ar65view.jar is intended to analyse and manipulate the photoemission data measured by the ARPES experiments AR65 and WESPHOA. Both are part of the workgroup EES by Prof. Manzke at the Department of Physics, Humboldt University to Berlin, Germany. The program is written in Java 1.5 and runs therefore under Windows as well as Linux and Mac OS. With JNLP support you can start it right from your browser:



AR65view lab general

Get the program

You can just download the program, save it to your harddisk and then start it with JavaVM. You can also directly start it using JNLP (Java Web Start) with this link. The Download section contains some example files of different materials for the analyser.


The source files in a ZIP-file can be downloaded in the Download section of The Subversion repository is avaliabe here.


Known Bugs

Version History

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